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tors 27 apr.


Kollektivet Livet Bar & Scen

Standup — 3 Wise Women

Sure, you’ve heard of the three wise men… but what about three wise women?! Bella Bascom, Kathryn LeRoux and Sunny VK present to you a comedy show full of dark and twisted wisdom! This event is in all english!

Standup — 3 Wise Women
Standup — 3 Wise Women


27 apr. 2023 19:00

Kollektivet Livet Bar & Scen, Stadsgårdsterminalen, 116 45 Stockholm, Sverige


At this show you’ll have your own opportunity to submit your questions to our three wise women. They can tell your fortune, give you the best cooking recipes, or even the best place to hide a dead body. Each woman, unique in background and experience, can offer the right perspective to suit your needs. Let it out and let us guide you through. The laughs will cost you a ticket, but the wisdom is free… 

This event is ALL ENGLISH "The laughs will cost you a ticket, but the wisdom is free…"

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KATHRYN LEROUX: Within just eight years in the stand-up industry, LeRoux has been to several comedy festivals, performed on some of Sweden’s most prestigious stages, written and taped specials and even started her own club, Foxy Comedy in Stockholm!

Her style is flamboyant and goofy. Genuine and truthful with a strong dose of sarcasm in every line. Often commenting on her life in Sweden, political drama, tabu issues and of course her very unusual upbringing in America. Sweet, sarcastic and hilarious you always fall for Kathryn LeRoux on stage.

BELLA BASCOM: Bella has been taking the stand-up world by storm for the past 6 years. Starting out in her hometown of Umeå, she worked the stand-up scene and opened her own awesomely successful comedy club, Harem. Bascom has recently moved to Stockholm where she has opened a new club called Boots Comedy. Boots has a focus of celebrating LGBTQ+ artists and comics of color, making her shows dynamic and hilarious.

Bella’s style is bubbly and energetic, with a gentle “please f_ck off” attitude. She likes to joke about her real life experiences as a black single mother, and loves to comment on social culture. Raw, tender and side splittingly funny, you won’t forget a performance with Bella Bascom.

SUNNY VK: Sunny VK is a Canadian Sri Lanka comedian who moved to Sweden 4 years ago. She said goodbye to the Toronto comedy scene and took her canoe to Sweden. Sunny has performed her real, dark and just silly sense of humor all over the world. From Canada, Denmark, major cities in Sweden and a tour coming up in Luxembourg and Netherlands this fall!! Sunny’s ‘pick yourself up from the floor and march on’ storytelling resonates with so many! You don't want to miss her unique, dry but affectionate sense of humor


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